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Hi, welcome to my blog! I’m Linde and I always loved to write. I’m really exited about this project! Hope you like it too.

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The meaning of dreams

Hi and welcome to a new blogpost! I’ve always been fascinated with dreams, I love the times that I can clearly remember what I dreamed that night. But do dreams have a meaning? Today I’m gonna talk with you about some dreams people often have and what the meaning behind is. Dreams about fallingI think … Continue reading The meaning of dreams

Pride fall explained

Hi and welcome to a new blog post, last week I saw in the LGBTQ+ community a lot of things about pride fall, whether it is real or fake and what you can do against it. In this post, I’m gonna talk about what it exactly is, my meaning about it and things you can … Continue reading Pride fall explained

Easy zero waste choices

Hi everyone and welcome to my new article. Today we’re gonna talk about zero waste and easy things you can do to live with less waste. Last months I started to seriously think about climate change and how we’re destroying our planet. And I know one person will not let this stop but it’s a … Continue reading Easy zero waste choices